An absolutely fabulous mid-century Drink Cabinet, has been brought to life and completely transformed and would make an striking addition to any vintage or modern interior.


The whole cabinet was fully sanded and cleaned prior to painting to make sure that paint adheres firmly to the surface. The gorgeous wood on the front has been lovingly restored and nourished with three coats of oil to reveal fabulous colour and shine, whilst the inside and top have been painted with mixture of Renfrew Green and Midnight Blue Fusion mineral paints to achieve this amazing green teal colour. The front also been enhanced with golden lines to add extra dignity. Finally the paint has been protected with two layers of matt varnish.


Top, pull down doors reveal spacious glass storage that has been fitted with new mirrors and original light. Golden lines been also painted on the sides of this compartment to match the exterior. Hidden behind front doors is a spacious cabinet to store drinks. Unfortunately the key to the lock is missing and I could not find replacement either key, or lock. The back of this storage has been finished with metallic gold leaf to add extra shine and glamour.


Above the bottom section is located decent size draw to store extra accessories for the drinks.

All original hardware has been cleaned and new serving plate fitted at the top pullup door.

This is an amazing piece of furniture which has plenty of style and would make a stunning feature in any room.

Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet in Teal Green

    • Height: 112 centimetres

    • Width: 83 centimetres

    • Depth: 35 centimetres

    • Handmade

    • Dispatches from a small business in 

      United Kingdom